Bob Worner, LTD. has been in business for over 32 years and can offer the accessories and services listed below at competitive prices.


Complete Auto Detailing

Polish and remove minor scratches, oxidation, build up, as well as carpet cleaning, leather restoration, interior detailing and more!


Never Wax Again! Teflon Paint & Fabric

Protect your car from the harsh UV Rays of the sun. Due to this product being just a one time application, you will no longer need to wax your car! Customers may apply this product to their upholstery to protect from spills and fading!!


Lo Jack

If your car is stolen, this is how to protect your investment! Police track and recover your stolen vehicle at a low cost investment! *No monthly monitoring fees.


Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties provide a peace of mind, and will cover your car in the event of a mechanical breakdown! There are a variety of warranties to choose from, so be sure to call for details regarding your specific needs! *Available for New and Used Vehicles.


Window Tinting

Protect your skin from those harmful UV Rays, Window Tinting is like sunscreen for your automobile. You will stay cooler and as a result, reduce the need for air conditioning, minimize glare from the sun, and protect from leather, vinyl, and fabric discoloration. A variety of tints are available at Bob Worner!


Other Services Offered

  • CD & DVD Player Installations
  • Stereo/Speaker Installations
  • Roof Racks
  • Custom Wheels and Trim

* Price of services vary depending on the make, model, and condition of your vehicle.
Call Bob for more information regarding pricing.